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ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex)

Dup15q (Chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 Duplication Syndrome)


The Jeste Lab is particularly focused on children with comorbid intellectual disability, limited language abilities, and children with known genetic syndromes that confer a high risk for ASD. These children are often understudied because of their limited ability to complete standardized or behavioral testing, and EEG can greatly enhance our understanding of their clinicial profiles.  In the last three years we have studied hundreds of infants and children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, from 3 months to 18 years of age!

Currently we are interested in children with Chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 Duplication Syndrome (Dup15q) and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) because of their commonly suggested higher risks for developing ASD. Click on the following tabs to learn more about what Jeste Lab is studying on each and opportunities to participate in research.

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